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Thanks for the great hair. The love are beautiful but they have a bad smell.

Qeemah Afro review

I receive my hair 8 days after my order and the hair is beautiful I have being rocking the hair and a lot of people have being loving the hair and asking me where did I get it the hair, I have being giving them the Instagram handle to follow and make order. So I love the hair and I love your service and how you respond and attend to your client. Thank you very much keep up the good work.

Super nice

I love the hair! Its so soft and bouncy. I did braids, and its soooo enough and very full. One pack is enough as they say. But if you want extra full, you can get 2 packs. Please dont get 3 packs, it'll be too much.

Looks Nice but…

It’s a beautiful hair, you will get lots of nice comments BUT first of all it’s heavy. I used 5 packs of 24” (28 strands in total). It’s not as light as I thought. My neck is telling the story 😅
Secondly, if you have a toddler around you, you have to be careful because a tug or pull unravels the locs and makes it longer than the rest.
You also need to buy Afro hair if you want to use the wrapping technique for install, the tutorial video did not mention this.
But It’s a beautiful hair 🙂


I really liked the packaging it was neat and the extra too

It was a good buy

I haven't even worn it yet, bit it was indeed worth the cost

This is the first wig I bought and i am loving it. Everyone is asking about it and it makes me feel good.

Very good hair

Good quality, very full and gives the natural look.


I was expecting a long butterfly locs but all i got was a small average locs

Hello , Thank you for your purchase and review. You ordered our fairy butterfly locs in 12 inches which is the bob length as seen on our model, it is short.
Did you make a mistake selecting the inches? please reach out to us via email Support@blvckhair.com .

Good buy

This may just be my best wig yet. Natural look and feel. Exactly as described. Although if you have a big scalp, ask for a bigger wig cap. Mine was quite tight and gave me a headache the first few times i wore it. I have found a way around it now though so its fine.

The wig is as I predicted to be I love the packaging and everything about it

About my order

Thanks so much I go my first orders. And I found out that what I want to use it for, it won't be enough so order ordered more packs but am yet to receive my second orders pls I need help on that. I will try and track it to know what the delay is all about. Thanks

About my spring curl hair

I got the hair and I loved it... got a lot of positive compliments. But maintenance Is my challenge... how can I maintain my hair?

Hello Queen , Thank you so much for your review. You look absolutely beautiful.
You can use any curl holder on the curls since you are wearing the unseperated look. You can also include oil/serum for shine if you choose.
Please check email for more details.

It’s so beautiful and comfortable


The wigs exceeded my expectations and the delivery was swift.

Black hair

Hair is beautiful and lush


I love how it was packaged and delivered. Every time that i wear it, my shoulders are always high...I feel like a black queen that I am.

What you see, is what you’ll get

I loved my order and I’m rocking my hair with so much confidence.

Black hair is the place for you

I got exactly what I ordered, I'll take premium quality for an affordable price any day, any time from Blvck hair😁😁

Dora Headband wig

I really love the hair❤️❤️Super affordable. The fitting is so on point. Thanks to blvckhair.

Great Quality

The product is great quality, was easy to install and holds it's curls well over time.

Mine was not properly trimmed , as lots of hairs were way longer than the rest and the cap used wasn't cool ,other than these; hair was cool


This has got to be my favorite wig in my collection! Why?
I have full long natural hair and Dora headband wig feels just like my hair
I also love that it is light weight
I wore it to church last Sunday and got compliments!