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Afro Dijah Wig - Afro Wig
Sharon Ifeoluwa
Gorgeous Show-stopper

Y’all…this wig is so well made. Be prepared to get so many compliments and people (including women lol) asking if it’s your natural hair haha. Kudos to Blvckhairng! ❤️❤️❤️

Fantastic Hair

Light weight. Easy to install and maintain!

The hair is sooo beautiful and lush. I can't wait to try it. The last hair I bought was lovely. I had soo many compliments.

Loving it

I love my afro kinky & I already tagged you on Instagram. You're yet to like & follow back. Thanks .

Laura wig
Am simply wowed

For a lazy girl like smiles, Laura wig is just the magic, no need for any workover just put it on and enjoy the beautiful look it gives you. Thank you blvck hair

hair review

Thank you for the hair, I love it, was easy to install

Made it

The headband wig made it. Every light, easy to wear, easy to style.
I loveeeeeeee ittttt.
Thank you for the accessories that came with it.

Spring curl crotchet

Delivery was late, but the hair was good, your products are good. That's why I keep coming back to buy.

I love it

I intend to overwear the wig until it's dead. Then I'll get another one.
I love it that much 🫠


Thank you for this platform that enables me give my honest review.

I love the hair and it's texture.
However, I'm not satisfied with the colour. I purchased the 2 toned colour (black and colour 33).

Colour 33 is more dominant and visible than black.
I would have opted for another colour if I had seen the model of the colour being displayed on your page.

I saw more of colour 33 and 30 being styled and modelled on your page when I browsed through.

I think you should give your client a pictorial image of what to expect when making purchase for any of the colour.

This is just my honest review.
Wish you all the best in business!

Great hair

Curls are beautiful and lasts long

Afro Dijah Wig - Afro Wig
Oluchukwu Uloma

Delivery took way longer than I was made to believe. I had to contact the vendor about3 times. Aside from that, the wig was nice, full nd just as in picture.

Imagine fro wig...mini

It's 😍 gorgeous and gives you that chic feel. Yeah, people complain it's big and look in disbelief when I tell them this is even a mini size. Lol. But one thing everyone agreed about is: it's undoubtedly beautiful. If you don't like bold hairs, please avoid fro wigs. But beluve me, they rock!

Not what I ordered

I don’t think what I ordered was sent to me . it was scanty and it scattered. But the micro twist crochet is great.

ZOE U-PART Wig - Afro Wig
Florence Aninta
I absolutely love it

It's really really nice
Looks so good on me

It's beautiful and lasts long

Afro Dijah Wig - Afro Wig
Havilah Dammim Del Ray

It's chic, bubbly, full and an everyday wear for a lady... I love the fluffy feel to it!


The hair worth it just as described.I love it


Can it be washed?

I like my hair. It’s my favorite at the moment. But I’ll still trim it cause it’s too full for me. It’s pretty

Afro Dijah Wig - Afro Wig
pamilerin aribisogan

It's very soft and natural, the lace is natural. If you don't like big hair you can stick with mini size because the more you fluff it, it gets fuller

Imani Fro Wig - Afro Wig
Havilah Dammim Del Ray

Just as expected, light weight, ultra full, a looks grasper, and most importantly as non irritable touch on the skin.

It’s giving

I bought the ultra Version , it’s giving all they said it would give 😍

Love this hair so much !

I’ve bought this hair over and over , it’s so beautiful, bouncy and soft .
The quality is unmatched , I love it .

The packaging was good but seems like I won't be able to reuse the hair. I'm not happy and I don't know what went wrong